Infoworks believes that Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) plays a vital role in the participation of black people in the South African economy to ensure sustainable economic growth.  We strive to play a role in the increase in this participation, by contributing to Socio Economic Development and Preferential Procurement. This year Infoworks has also engaged in additional elements of B-BBEE, such as the Enterprise Development and Skills Development, to ensure we receive an even better scorecard in the future.

We know that it is important to realise that B-BBEE is an ongoing process that needs facilitation and management. It forms part of the values of our company that contributes to Infoworks’ profitability and business growth.

Infoworks has a 60% procurement recognition level in B-BBEE with a satisfactory contributor status. Infoworks is also a value-added supplier in the small to medium enterprise market (SME), which ensures an 85% preferential procurement level to customers.

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