Infoworks leads the way at NAMPO

May 14 2014

Media is an integral part of any major event and with nearly 70,000 visitors at this year’s Grain SA NAMPO Harvest Day, it is obvious that the media had to be on their toes.
Infoworks was at the helm of Grain SA’s media centre to enable the media to function sufficiently and to get NAMPO-news across the different platforms. Here journalists and other members of the media could rest their tired feet, make use of the Wi-Fi and also attend press conferences with Helen Zille (leader of the DA), amongst others. Infoworks also assisted the media in arranging interviews.
Journalists of Infoworks criss crossed the NAMPO-grounds to capture many a moment, supplier and activity on their cameras. Through this they were also able to collect news and photographs for the publicatitions of Senwes, Grain SA and TWK. Infoworks’ marketers also made use of this excellent opportunity to pop in at their agricultural clients and therefore ensure a sustainable working relationship.

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